Manchester United comfortably EPL's highest payers

Manchester United first-team players earn about two times what players of Premier League rivals Spurs earn.

Salaries of the players of the Old-Trafford outfit are also on average about 500 million pounds more than that of the EPL’s outstanding team, Manchester City, new data from Global Sports Salary Survey shows.

At the global level, Barcelona, with an average yearly salary of £10m, are the world’s highest paying sports teams, with La Liga rivals Real Madrid, and NBA duo of Okhlahoma City Thunder and Golden State Warriors occupying the second, third, and fourth positions respectively.

The global top 10 consists of just three other football clubs, namely Real Madrid, Juventus, and Manchester United. No other EPL team, not even Manchester City, is in the top 10. The other six positions are occupied by NBA teams.

EPL top spenders

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho is making a habit of complaining that local rivals City are limitless spenders but, in reality, his club haven’t only spent more on transfers than any other club in the Premier League over a 5-year period, they are also clearly the highest salary payers.

United pay their players an average yearly salary of £6,534,654, while City pay £5,993,000.

The rest of the so-called EPL top six is led by Chelsea with an average yearly bill of £5,020,004, followed by Liverpool (£4,862,963), Arsenal (£4,853,130) and Tottenham (£3,515,778).

Rest of the league

Everton’s current position on the Premier League table, 6th, almost tallies with their position on the spenders’ table, 7th. The Mersey side outfit pays an average yearly bill of £3,252,690.

A quick glance at the positions of the remaining Premier League teams reveals that despite their loss to Arsenal over the weekend, Eddie Howe’s bosses at Bournemouth have every reason to remain impressed with their achievements, as Bournemouth, despite being only the 12th highest EPL payers, with an average yearly bill of £1,989,520, are currently 8th on the current EPL standings.

Of the three teams currently at the bottom of the EPL standings, Southampton, Cardiff, and Fulham in that order, only Cardiff’s position can be said to be justifiable relative to their wage bills. The Welsh team, with a relatively meagre average yearly wage bill of £957,471 are the smallest payers – compare that to Southampton who pay £2,669,330 (11th on the spenders’ table) and are third from bottom in the EPL standings.


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