Heavyweight boxing legend Lennox Lewis has expressed the opinion that Tyson Fury was actually better than Deontay Wilder in their WBC Heavyweight championship fight but was only denied victory because of how hard it is for a Brit to go to America and take the belt off the respective holder.

Lewis, in a tweet posted after the match, likened the situation to his first fight with Evander Holyfield in New York, in 1999, which was adjudged a draw by the match officials despite despite widespread perception of a Lewis win.

On that occasion, however, the boxing authorities, faced with so much condemnation, had to order a rematch in which Lewis then defeated Holyfield by unanimous decision.

“This #WilderFury judging takes me back to my first fight with Holyfield. Just goes to show how hard it is for a Brit to come to America and take someone’s belt even tho that’s what we clearly saw. Big up to Tyson Fury who never ceases to amaze me. Hold ur head high.”

Lewis then went on to praise Fury for not only “outboxing” Wilder but doing so after his two-year absence from the boxing ring occasioned by battles with drug use, depression, and obesity, saying he imagined Fury could only get even better in a rematch with Wilder.

I just saw Tyson Furycome back from drugs, depression, two years of inactivity and massive weight loss to outbox the WBC Heavyweight champion, who was gifted a draw! In a rematch, I can only imagine that he will be even better prepared.”



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