Buhari must sign Electoral Bill now

Senate President Bukola Saraki has, this evening, December 5, 2018, taken to Twitter to lament President Muhammadu Buhari’s continued refusal to assent to the amended Electoral Bill.

The Senate President narrated how the Nigerian Senate, headed by him, has made several compromises to accommodate the wishes of President Buhari on a bill they started working on since 2016, in order not to make it become an election controversy.

“My position remains that the president, his aides, the entire country and the international community are aware that all the concerns raised by the president on the past three occasions he withheld assent to the Electoral Bill have been addressed by the legislature.

“We bent backwards on each occasion to accommodate the wishes of the President on the Electoral Bill. We started work on this law since 2016 to prevent a situation where it would become part of the election controversies.

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Speaking further, Saraki stressed that the Senate’s input into the bill has been geared towards ensuring a credible and more transparent election than in 2015.

He concluded by urging the president to sign the bill without further delay, noting that it would allow INEC and all concerned parties to prepare on time for a credible process in the upcoming General Election.

Every sincere commentator, observer and analyst knows that what we have done with the Electoral Bill is to raise the level of transparency, credibility and acceptability of our electoral process.

“We made sure that if the Electoral Bill is assented to and honestly applied by INEC, we will have an election that would be more transparent than what we had in 2015.

“Therefore, the president  should know that the survival of democracy, its development and the future of Nigeria are far more important than the ambition of any individual or party.”


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