Oritsejafor issues rebuttal to allegations of soliciting huge sums of money

Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, former president of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), has described a trending video of him asking for donations of $5000 at a church programme as untrue and a ploy to to ridicule men of God.

Oritsejafor, in a statement released on Tuesday, said he was too blessed and content to manipulate people.

The video he was issuing a rebuttal to showed him soliciting $5000 each from 90 people who do not want to miss God, at a church in the USA.

His statement:

“My attention was drawn to a short video clip of my recent ministration at Morris Cerullo ministry, San Diego, California, in the United States trending on the social media. The said sales of “handkerchiefs” story is untrue.

“I didn’t sell handkerchief to anybody. The mantles were freely given to those who volunteered pledges or support for some specific mission works in the ministry. The trending clip is misconstrued for mischievous purposes, a development that has become a norm on the social media.

“The negative portrayal of my ministration is unfortunate and misleading. The habit of portraying church activities in bad light just to ridicule men of God is a weapon the devil is deploying to discourage devout believers and to mislead committed Christians from supporting God’s work. It is a sign of the end-time.

“Every special offering raised in any Bible believing church is NOT meant for personal use of the ministers but certainly to meet some specific needs of the church or ministry and her charity outreach.

“At the level God has placed me, I’m way too passionate about the salvation of souls than to exploit the same souls I was commissioned to lead to Christ. I boast in the Lord that I’m too blessed and content to manipulate people. I don’t do it and will never do such. Therefore, the global audience, Nigerians in particular, should disregard any misconstrued, twisted information about my pulpit assignment.

“I hereby advise every concerned person to watch the full version of the ministration before passing judgment. Nobody should allow himself/herself to be fooled by the manipulation of many things on the internet aimed at discrediting their targets.”

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