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This article focuses on how to log Dispense Errors with GTBank.

What is a Dispense Error

A Dispense Error occurs when a transaction debit occurs on your account but value is not received.

This can occur in two main ways:

  • Transaction doesn’t go through when trying to make a payment via POS but your account is debited.
  • ATM fails to dispense cash but transaction amount is debited from your bank account.

Having described what it is, let’s now look at how to report or log Dispense Errors with GTBank.

Four ways to easily log Dispense Errors with GTBank

Internet Banking

  1. Go to Cards Menu
  2. Select the ‘Dispense Error’ tab
  3. Complete the form with your transaction details i.e. transaction amount, date, location.


  1. Press any key on the ATM
  2. Select ‘Log a Dispense Error’
  3. Follow the prompts.


Call 08039003900, select 1 to use the IVR self-service option and follow the prompts to log Dispense Error with GTBank.

GTBank Branch

Visit the CIS desk at any branch of GTBank closest to you, fill out a dispense error complaint form.

How long does it take for a Dispense Error logged with GTBank to be resolved?

For transactions on GTBank platforms i.e. ATM, POS, Online, it takes 24 hours.

For transactions on other banks’ channels, it takes 5-8 working days.

Foreign transactions take 45 days.

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