How to change GTBank account email

This article focuses on how to change GTBank account email using Internet Banking.

There are a number of reasons why one might want to change the email address linked to a bank account; the one where you receive mails such as monthly statements, log-in alerts, and transaction alerts.

One common reason is security. For example, it is not uncommon to see a lot of people who had Yahoo as their first email service provider now changing to Gmail which is considered more secure.

if you are a GTBank customer and you desire to update your account email, follow the steps below.

How to change GTbank account email

  • Log on to Internet Banking with your User ID and password
  • Form the menu bar, click on the Self Service option
  • Click on Customer Information Update
  • Click on New Request
  • Fill the displayed form as you desire (in this case, entering your new preferred email)
  • Enter the answer to your Secret Question
  • Once satisfied with the updated information, click on Continue
  • Enter your Token Code
  • Click Submit to update your email

That is simply how to change GTBank account email address.

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