4 Instance remix - 2Baba feat. Sound Sultan and Alexx Ekubo
2baba, Sound Sultan, and Alexx Ekubo 'Ala Oyi e-ing' on stage...

2baba (known as TuFace back then) originally released ‘4 Instance’ in 2006 as one of the many hit tracks on his successful sophomore album – Grass 2 Grace. 

The track, number nine on the album, was rendered mainly in pidgin English, apparently to better convey its philosophical message to its audience – everyone, the common man, conscientious people, politicians and the oppressed.

It was about social and political consciousness – about fairness, justice, and patriotism.

What made ‘4 Instance’ such a good song was that, in spite of its serious and sober message, it was still fairly danceable, owing to its heavy beats.

Fast forward to 2019, 2Baba is back with a remix of the hit song; but this time with other renowned and talented artists, such as Sound Sultan and Alexx Ekubo.

The second verse of the music video, which also featured visual appearances by Ramsey Nouah and Jide Kosoko, was led by the equally political-conscious Sound Sultan.

In short, it will be %100 worth your time. Enjoy below…

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