Ita-Faji Lagos scene of collapsed building

The sad tales of the collapsed building in the Ita-Faji area of Lagos Island, Lagos state, yesterday, continue to pour in, as a man who lost three children to the crumple contemplates suicide.

According to the social media report of an eye-witness of the drama that followed the calamity, the man, after over a week of keeping his wards at home due to his inability to pay their school fees, finally returned them to school on the fateful day and paid their school fees. Only for him to lose all of them due to the negligence and wickedness of some greedy people.

Needless to say, he has been inconsolable.

The eye-witnesses account:

“So this man at the site of this building collapse in Lagos island is threatening to kill himself as he lost 3 of his kids who sat at home all through last week because of school fees only for him to take them to school today, pay their fees and they all die”.

I’m deeply hurt

The Lagos state government and, in particular, Governor Akinwunmi Ambode, have come under a lot of criticism for this latest and most saddening episode of building collapse. Although, the governor claims the building since failed an integrity test and had been marked for demolition.


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