Festus Keyamo, Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) and Director, Strategic Communications of President Buhari 2019 Presidential Campaign, has refuted claims by the Chairman of Our Mumu Don Do Movement, Charlyboy, that he was paid a 9-figure sum by him (Keyamo) for a song that maligns the presidential candidate of the People’s Democratic Party, Atiku Abubakar.

In a Roots TV video that has been widely circulated on the social-media, Charlyboy was captured saying that he collected money from Keyamo to promote his anti-Atiku song.

Charly Boy said:

When Festus Keyamo came to discuss Deji’s matter with me, he heard my new song where I was dissing Atiku, he paid for the song because he wanted to use my song. I don’t mind collecting money if you want to use my song.

“He paid heavy money, nine figures … Everybody wanted a part of the money including Deji and I did not mind sharing it.

However, this evening, and after some considerable silence, Keyamo has now taken to his Twitter account to flatly refute Charly Boy’s claims, stressing that it would be senseless to pay even a penny for a song that maligned both his party, APC, and the opposition party, PDP.

Keyamo’s rebuttal:

“I’ve been having some good laugh. Whoever thinks that I would pay a penny for a song by that disses both the APC and PDP must have his/her head examined. If the quarreling parties want to hurt their egos by bandying phantom figures, they should leave me out of it.

“As we’ve said before, some of us ran the PMB campaign on zero budget as volunteers whilst the opposition was paying $90,000 monthly to an American lobbyist (N400 million per year). It’s therefore preposterous to suggest that a 9-figure amount or any at all was paid for a song!

“In the world of entertainment, it’s the culture of most (not all) entertainers to raise their stock in the public by bandying phantom figures for their engagements & some others display phantom acquisitions on social media to attract attention and raise their worth for clients.

“I’ve always encouraged & , who are my long-time friends & clients to continue on the path they chose for themselves. I will hate to see them fall apart. Therefore it behoves us all to work together to put things right. I always enjoy vibrant opposition!”

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