Music executive and MMMG boss Ubi Franklin has broached the subject of Waje’s emotional outburst about her strong considerations to jettison her music career and embrace her many other talents.

Waje had, in a Youtube video, complained bitterly about how her investments, especially financially, into her music career were not commensurate with the profit she was realizing.

She particularly lamented how she was repeatedly urged by many people, including her fans, to release her second studio album and how poorly it was received after its release.

Consequently, a music entrepreneur, Ubi Franklin, who knows a thing or two about how to manage the business side of music has empathized with Waje, while also giving her some subtle advice, suggesting that Waje should allow other entities manage the business and commercial side of her music, while she focuses on recording and performing.

Franklin said: 

Waje works really hard.

I have been in different studio sessions with her, she won’t leave that studio if the song doesn’t sound right or she gets what she wants.

Unfortunately it’s not easy to be the Artiste and the Label (singing and looking for money for promotion)

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